PRO-TIP: Use Tab to auto-complete any command for a lot less typing!


All of the warps are put on the 3D map, but you won't be able to warp to them if you have not visited them before! You can see all the warps you have access to by using /warp list.

You cannot make new warp points. If you build a nice warp shrine around a community center, you can ask an admin for one. We will not be making warps to everyone's base.


Unless a warp is Free (which you can see on the map or the ingame list), you will have to pay in XP.

You can use /warp cost [name ...] to get the cost of a warp from where you are standing.

This is a breakdown of how its calculated:

  1. Overworld
    • 34 XP base cost
    • 0.1 XP per block
    • 34 XP entry fee
  2. Nether
    • 34 XP base cost
    • 0.8 XP per block
    • 85 XP entry fee
  3. End
    • 34 XP base cost
    • 1 XP per block
    • 255 XP entry fee

If you are warping within the same dimension: base cost + (distance * XP per block)
If you are warping between 2 dimensions (A -> B): A's base cost + B's entry fee + (distance * XP per block) The most expensive XP per block is used.