Cross Community Minecraft Vanilla aka CCMV

A long term multi-streamer vanilla sub server.

The goal of this server is to create an always active environment that survives much longer than individual little servers.
We would love it if close communities formed around a central, per streamer city. But this is not at all a requirement!

Currently accepting subscribers of:

The Rules

  1. Obey Wheaton's Law Don’t be a dick!
  2. Claim ownership by putting a sign on it. Survival huts are free game. (Can be cleaned up if desired)
  3. No griefing / poking around other people’s property.
    1. Large open fields are open to harvesting only if you replant.
    2. Large open animal pens are open to harvesting only if you breed them.
    3. If you don’t own it and it's not marked as public it's best to not touch it.
    4. No streamer stalking. Leave them be if they want to be left alone!
    5. (Attempted) Bypassing of inventory protection counts as griefing and is a permaban offense.
  4. Don’t claim a large area without the intent to build there.
  5. Clean up your adventures. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Pits (Death or not)
    2. 1x1 pillars
    3. Floating trees
    4. Piles of boats
  6. The end is now open! (Also mapped)
  7. No excessive lag
    1. No anti-kick AFK machines.
    2. Mob farms must have OFF switches. When that's impossible, contact an admin before you build it.
    3. No infinite chicken farms.
    4. Don’t pack mobs together tightly.
    5. No piles of boats.
  8. Keep it classy. This server is not PG, but it's not 18+ either. No uncalled-for swearing, and try to keep it clean when PG streamers are on the server.
  9. Don’t use cheats. Including cheating mods and/or add-ons, x-ray texture packs, ... If you are caught with any of these it is an instant, no appeal, permanent ban. If you have doubts, ask!
  10. Don’t make nether portals in the nether unless you know you will be within the border. We will not refund deaths from going past the border. Calculator.

For most offences a 3 strike system is used. Strike 1 is a warning, strike 2 a 3 day ban and strike 3 is a permanent ban.
All warnings and bans will be recorded!
Bans are universal across all streams, who you are subbed to does not matter.
Attempts to bypass a ban will result in any accounts used to also be permanently banned regardless of offense or current ban time.
If you are banned and wish to appeal the ban you must contact an admin via the official contact information they provided at the bottom of this page.
They will pass the information along to anyone required.
Streamers have no power over who is unbanned unless they were directly affected by the person who was banned.

The Map

We have a static, top down map available here. It will not be updated.

We also have an Overviewer (3d isometric view) map available here. It gets updated every half hour.
This map lists all warp points and signs. If you want to mark something on the map, put down a sign!

How To Join

  1. Read the rules
  2. You need to have your Twitch and Minecraft accounts linked together via this service. You only need to do this once.
  3. You need a (Vanilla) 1.12.2 Client or use the supported modpack
  4. Connect to
  5. Accept the resource pack. It fixes some issues with some server sided mod commands.
  6. Have fun!

More general server info:


You can reach us via this Curse server.

We also have a teamspeak server. It has its own rules and customs. Join at your own risk.

If you need / want to contact individual admins:

The server owner. @driesk007
The second in command. @clay_corp
Our favorite guinea pig. Contact via Curse or Twitch.